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Expectations for participation


Treat each other how you want to be treated. Being a good training partner helps everyone grow on the mat.


Ask your partner things like:

>>Do you have an injury?

>>What kind of roll are you looking for?

>>Anything you would want to work on?

>>If you are significantly bigger or more experienced than someone there is no need to excessively smash them. That doesn’t mean you should be a cupcake. Use less strength. Focus on using technique.

>>Do not “tap & tell-bragging/celebrating.

This can lead to death match battles where neither person will try any new moves for fear of being tapped again. Everyone gets tapped. Everyone taps someone.

>>Jiu Jitsu works.

>>Keep it to yourself.


>>Show up to class on time and ready to get after it.


>>When the instructor is teaching, please refrain from talking.


>>Plan to be at class the entire time. However, life happens, and sometimes, this just isn’t possible. That’s ok. We still want you to come to any amount of class you can.


If you arrive late or must leave early, do your best to do so quietly and without distracting the class.


It is up to us to keep ourselves safe. That means that if we are caught in a submission hold, we should tap. A good rule of thumb is to tap early, tap often, and verbalize by saying “tap,tap,tap”.


The flip side of this is, if you catch someone in a submission hold. Give them a chance to tap. Do not be so worried about getting the tap that you crank on a submission at the cost of your training partner's limbs. If you can’t complete the submission slowly, chances are you didn’t really have it to begin with.


Sometimes mat space becomes crowded. Pay attention to the others around you to avoid collisions.


NO GI: Please wear a rash guard or tight-fitting top, tight fitting spandex or spatz with shorts or leggings over them. No metal decorations or zippers on gear. Shorts should not have pockets if possible.

GI: Please wear a rashguard or tight-fitting top and spandex or spatz under you GI. A Jiu Jitsu Gi jacket and pants with belt. Non Jiu jitsu GIs will not hold up to the rigors of battle. (If you need a GI to use to try out a class please contact us, we have extras.)


>>Children ages 6-15 (give or take) are welcome to participate in our youth classes.

>>Parents are welcome to stay and watch the class. Parents are not coaches and should refrain from acting as such. Sit quietly and encourage your child and others in the room after class. Recognize them for their hard work.


>>Please pick child up no later than 10 minutes after class, unless arrangements have been made with the instructor.


Expectations for participation


>>Please show up to class clean.

>>Wear deodorant, brush your teeth and make sure your gear is washed. We are in very close proximity to each other. No one wants to smell your bad breath or body odor.

>>Trimming nails reduces scratches that can lead to infections and are super annoying.


You are not allowed in the restroom without shoes. Would you go in the bathroom and lay with your face on the floor? That’s exactly what happens if you go in barefoot and return to the mats. Shoes are not allowed on the mat unless approved by the instructor. Any shoes worn on the mat must be for mat use only and not worn outside
of the mat area.


A good rule of thumb for shoes: Never on the mat, always everywhere else. Keep a pair of slides or crocs handy for easy transition on and off the mat.


>>If you are sick, stay home. We will be breathing one another’s air at some point
during a training session. Please help everyone stay healthy and training.


>>If you have a cut, sore, or some other kind of nasty thing that can’t be covered or bandaged please wait to train until its healed.


>>If there is blood on the mat, please stop training and let the instructor know.

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